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Forecast AU


Forecast provides you with accurate and up to date weather radars and outlooks for Australian capital cities, sourced directly from the Bureau of Meteorology.Forecast presents current observation information such as:- Current temperature- Apparent "feels like" temperature- Maximum and minimum for the last 12 hours- Rainfall observations- Wind direction, strength and maximum gusts- Humidity and dew point- Current barometric pressure- Current weather warnings
You also receive the weather forecast for the next seven days, which includes:- Maximum and minimum- Descriptive, animated weather icons- Probability and amount of rainfall- Fire danger alerts affecting the entire state- UV warnings, including the time of day and severity- Detailed weather descriptions.
Displays moving radar imagery of cloud coverage, wind strength and wave direction.
Provides detailed marine forecasts including:- Tide heights and times in an easy to read graph- Swell- Marine winds
All major capital cities are included:- Adelaide- Brisbane- Canberra- Darwin- Hobart- Melbourne- Perth- Sydney
No annoying ads, just real time, accurate weather information in the palm of your hand.